EPIC CHANGE - Tanzania

In 2003, Mama Lucy Kamptoni founded SHEPHERDS JUNIOR SCHOOL on land she rented next door to her home using the income from her poultry business in Arusha, Tanzania. She began with only 6 students, adding one classroom each year in her backyard and providing quality education to the village's children. When the school nearly closed in 2007, she partnered with Stacey Monk and Sanjay Patel, founders of US nonprofit organization EPIC CHANGE, to help raise funds, purchase new land and complete the construction of new classrooms. 5 years later, with the support of TweetsGiving/Epic Thanks and To Mama with Love (two viral awareness and fundraising campaigns launched by Epic Change), Shepherds Junior School is now a nursery, primary and secondary school that serves over 600 children, a campus that accommodates 70 students, a computer lab, library, cafeteria, school garden, playground, school bus, restrooms with flushable toilets and solar panels for power. On September 22, 2012, as Epic Change celebrated its 5th anniversary, the second class of seventh graders graduated from Shepherds Primary School during a ceremony attended by nearly a thousand parents, students and friends.